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 Product details | HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine

HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine


1. Increase engine power by 10%-20% immediately. So the accelerate from stop to start and 
incline climbing are much faster, and the lower the engine speed when driving on freeway.


2. Save fuel by 15%-20%. By cleaning the oxygen sensor, it ooptimizes the air-fuel ratio 
to 14.7:1, which is almost the same ratio of a new car.


3. Extends the service life of TWC. The high temperature steam produced by oxy-hydrogen 
generator will clean up the parathion mixture and increase the efficiency of TWC.


4.By only connecting with intake pipe, without removing any parts from engine, it won't 
damage grease sea, gasket or engine, nor will it spoil engine oil (maintenance free, no 
need to change engine oil).


5. Decrease the exhaust emissions of harmful gases up to 60%.


6. Longer the usage of engine, and increase the efficiency of the engine.


7. It only takes 20-40 mintues, save more time.


ModelVoltagePowerGas productionRaw materialSizeWeight 
YS-B15220V/380V3KW1500L/Hpure water980*640*1100mm150kg
YS-B20380V4.5KW2000L/Hpure water980*640*1100mm160kg

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